In the beginning...

In the beginning, my website was simple. Initially powered by Jekyll, the website was powered by a small and terribly configured VPS provided by DigitalOcean.

Why? Pretty simple:
* It was cheap, about $5 a month
* It was pretty reliable, requiring minimal maintenance
* It was easy, a few Markdown files and job done

So why move?

One of the main problems with the site, was that the code running it was ancient. Powered by an old version of Jekyll, it was hard to move or update to a new environment without some significant changes. This is annoying.

So what changed?

A few things have changed behind the scenes here, one big one, and a little one!

Welcome to picluster

This blog is now running on an experimental Raspberry Pi cluster, comprising 15 Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB), each with 256GB of SSD storage for a total of 120GB of RAM, 3.2-ish TB of disk and 60 cores!