If you have nothing to hide...

The innocent have everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like "The innocent have nothing to fear". ~ Terry Pratchett

The nothing to hide argument is everywhere. Where I live, in the United Kingdom, we have the highest number of CCTV cameras per person in the western world, being watched by officials in offices. Yet we accept them, with the same argument to which they were sold to us, "I have nothing to hide, so I have nothing to fear".

In the course of my work, I have personally been challenged as to my stance to my privacy, with suspicion. Yet it begs the question, does anyone really have nothing to hide?

The answer is simple, of course not

Would you give me your credit card number? How about letting me take pictures during intimate moments with your wife/husband? How about your PIN?

The truth is this, we all have something to hide, something we don't want anyone else to know about us. So do I protect my privacy because I have something to hide? Yes... and so should you.